On the Trail of the Attacker

Dates and times per individual request | Duration: approx. 2 h (2 km)

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress is now considered part of the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley. The fortress is part of a system of military fortifications around the city of Koblenz, but impresses not only with its 5,000-year history, but also with a magnificent panorama and a lively cultural centre with interesting exhibitions. All in all, you can stroll through the complex for several hours. If you opt for a one-hour guided tour, you will experience how history comes to life on the basis of original historical sites, from the fortifications of the Romans to the castles of the knights and the Prussian fortress complex: What would attack and defence have looked like at the fortress? If you have more time, we recommend the two-hour guided tour. Here, not only will the attack on the fortress be tested and it will be explained how soldiers lived and with what weapons they fought, but also the Prussian art of fortification will be examined in more detail. You also get to take a look at the interior of the complex.

Dates & Times

On request


€135.00 per group + fortress entry


English, French, Italian 


|  Duration: 2 h (2 km)

| Max. 30 persons

Meeting Point

Entrance building of Ehrenbreitstein Fortress