Promenade Closure
Permanent closure of the towpath and promenade path along the Rhine below the Pfaffendorf bridge from the wine village to the castle steps.
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Flaschensammlung im Koblenzer Sektmuseum ©Deinhard KG

Koblenz Sparkling Wine Museum

On the trail of wine and sparkling wine at Deinhard Stammhaus.

Those who want to get to know tradition and history up close can embark on an exciting journey through time at the Koblenz Sparkling Wine Museum.

Here, the hearts of wine and sparkling wine lovers beat faster. The soul of wine culture can be felt in every part of the vault.

During an expert guided tour, visitors vividly learn how sparkling wine and wine used to be made and shipped from Koblenz all over the world using original equipment.

Außenansicht des Koblenzer Sektmuseums mit Wenceslaus Denkmal im Vordergrund ©Deinhard KG
Fässer und Maschinen, die für früher für die Abfüllung von Sektflaschen benutzt wurden ©Deinhard KG
Holzfässer im Keller des Koblenzer Sektmuseums ©Deinhard KG
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