Closure of Promenadenweg
Permanent closure of the towpath and promenade path along the Rhine below the Pfaffendorf bridge from Weindorf to the castle steps
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Die Ufer-Bar ist zurück!
Vom 12.07. bis 06.10.2024 laden vier Koblenzer Gastronomiebetriebe und eine Sektkellerei zu sommerlichen und frühherbstlichen Abenden an die Schlossstufen.
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Reisegruppe hört einem Stadtführer zu, während er eine große Daumenstatue vor dem Ludwigmuseum erklärt ©Koblenz-Touristik GmbH, Dominik Ketz

Romantic Altstadttour

Dates and time: individual on request | Duration: approx. 2 hours

The guide

Get to know one of the oldest cities in Germany on a tour through the historic Altstadt. The romantic alleyways between the Basilika St. Kastor and the Liebfrauenkirche, the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Denkmal at the Deutsches Eck, the Schängelbrunnen and the Forum Confluentes at Zentralplatz are just some of the attractions that illustrate the diversity and history of the city of Koblenz.


Group* (German)125,00 €
Group* (foreign languages)135,00 €
Evening surcharge (tour starts after 8 pm)+20,00 €

*Up to 30 persons

Further information

The romantic Altstadttour lasts approx. 2 hours and can be conveniently requested online. Alternatively, you can reserve your tour via the guest and booking service.


English, French, Italien, Spain, Dutch, Russian 
Tourist-Information in Forum Confluentes ©Koblenz-Touristik GmbH
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Tourist information in the Forum Confluentes