Closure of Promenadenweg
Permanent closure of the towpath and promenade path along the Rhine below the Pfaffendorf bridge from Weindorf to the castle steps
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Frau mit Einkaufstüten sitzt auf Fatboy-Stuhl und streckt die Arme aus ©Koblenz-Touristik GmbH, Dominik Ketz

The shopping city of Koblenz

A city where shopping is a pleasure.

Koblenz is a city to feel good and enjoy and offers the perfect ambience for extended shopping and pleasure tours through a colorful retail and varied gastronomic landscape. take a leisurely stroll through the historic Altstadt, which invites you to linger with its romantic alleyways and cozy street cafés. Discover Löhrstraße, the pedestrian zone and pulsating main artery of the Rhine-Moselle city.

Discover the many facets of the shopping city of Koblenz!

Shopping experience Koblenz
The Altstadt is the heart of Koblenz. Nowhereelse is the city at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle so original. The historic buildings in the small alleyways, the cozy cafés and beautiful stores have their own special charm . There aremany exclusive boutiques and owner-managed specialist stores with a long tradition .After shopping, many lovely cafés and restaurants invite youto relax and unwind on the Altstadtsquares. Koblenz nightlife is very lively atthanks to the many pubs and bars.
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Menschen sitzen an Cafétischen in der Koblenzer Altstadt ©Koblenz-Stadtmarketing GmbH
Shopping experience Koblenz
Upper Löhr
Actually the extension of the pedestrian zone and yet a shopping world all of its own: Obere Löhr. It connects the main railway station and the city center, and is thus considered the gateway to Koblenz city center. It isalso known as the "street of specialist stores" due toits many specialist stores of all kinds .A real shopping mile that also provides a culinary and entertainment program: cafés, inviting bistros and excellent restaurants, as well as two cinema centers that have the right filmfor every taste .
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Menschen spazieren in der Löhrstraße in Koblenz ©Koblenz-Stadtmarketing GmbH, P!EL Media

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