Closure of Promenadenweg
Permanent closure of the towpath and promenade path along the Rhine below the Pfaffendorf bridge from Weindorf to the castle steps
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Die Ufer-Bar ist zurück!
Vom 12.07. bis 06.10.2024 laden vier Koblenzer Gastronomiebetriebe und eine Sektkellerei zu sommerlichen und frühherbstlichen Abenden an die Schlossstufen.
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Eine Gruppe von Fahrradfahrern des Race Veló Clubs fährt durch die Natur  ©Gerold Hinzen

Get on your bike and embark on an adventure

Explore castles and palaces, climb steep vineyards, discover certified premium hiking trails and cycle routes along the Rhine and Moselle: The UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley is the ideal place to be active on vacation. If you want to discover the region on two wheels, you should be able to pedal properly. Road cyclist Dustin Streeck takes you into his territory - insider tips included!

Dustin Streeck moves the region
Dustin Streeck is at home on a narrow saddle. He explores the region around Koblenz on his racing bike several times a week - alone or as a guide in the Race Vélo Club. Unlike many cyclists, who can hardly get out of the saddle from an early age, the digital designer from Fachbach discovered his passion late in life. in 2018, he enjoyed exploring the area on a trekking bike during a family vacation and later switched to a racing bike.
Rennradfahrer Dustin Streeck lacht in die Kamera ©Gerold Hinzen

However, the search for like-minded people proved difficult: although there were cycling clubs in the area, he didn't find the team spirit he knew from soccer there. Without further ado, he founded the Race Vélo Club himself, which brings together racing bike and mountain bike enthusiasts in the region. In the summer months, Dustin Streeck and a group of like-minded people go for an extended after-work ride on Wednesdays "A different route every week, but it should be 40-60 km," he explains.

The Race Vélo Club
Up to 60 cycling enthusiasts now take part in the rides. They start at the Deutsches Eck and every first Wednesday of the month in Lahnstein. The rides start in three groups so that both ambitious and recreational cyclists get their money's worth. The group rides are free and open to everyone. "The Race Vélo Club is a benefits club: anyone who joins supports our projects and in return receives discounted conditions from many partners in the region," says Streeck, explaining the concept.
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Fahrradfahrer des Race Veló Clubs stoßen im Biergarten an ©Conny Görgen
Pleasure cycling on the Rhine and Moselle

The region around Koblenz offers a breathtaking backdrop for cyclists. The picturesque landscape along the Rhine and Moselle, paired with castles, palaces and charming wine villages, is not only varied, but also caters to every route profile. The numerous cycle paths are well signposted and allow everyone - whether road cyclists, mountain bikers or e-cyclists - to explore the area at their own pace.

"If you like cycling on flat terrain, the Moselle valley or the banks of the Rhine are perfect for you," explains Dustin Streeck, "most of our tours also start on flat terrain. Depending on your mood and fitness level, you can then make detours to the hilly areas to the right and left of the rivers. It never gets boring here, there's always something new to see!"

Route highlights
Being out in nature, clearing your head and simply enjoying yourself - Dustin Streeck has found his passion and is happy to share it. When asked about his personal route highlights, he doesn't have to think twice: "From the Deutsches Eck via the romantic Mühlental in the Ehrenbreitstein district, into the Westerwald, to Bad Ems and back via Lahnstein - after that you know what you've done." He describes a tour into the Kondertal valley on the Moselle as more leisurely, but just as beautiful. Streeck publishes his favorite routes under the name raceveloclub on the Komoot portal.
Die Mosel fließt durch Löf und Hatzenport ©Gerold Hinzen
Everything for the community

Dustin Streeck is particularly proud of the Social Charity Ridesthat the association organizes in cooperation with the Lotto Kern-Haus cycling team. in 2021, a charity ride for flood victims in the Ahr valley raised over 25,000 euros. "300 participants on the road for a good cause, including former Tour de France riders. That was great!" he recalls. in addition to the free rides, the RVC offers various events such as the Social Sunday Rideor the new RVC Across Valleys event format.

The community concept is important to him, and his enthusiasm for cycling is infectious: The Race Vélo Club now even rides in winter - digitally, at home in front of the screen! For the future, Streeck would like to see an app that helps the cycling community to network, more partnerships and perhaps a cycling café at some point. Until then, the summer rides usually end in the classic way: with a visit to the beer garden.

What Streeck and his cycling community achieve on a racing bike is also possible for less experienced cyclists on an e-bike! From the mouth of the Rhine, the Lahn Cycle Path, which has been awarded three stars by the ADFC, runs for the most part directly along the riverbank to the source of the river, a full 250 km away. If you only want to cover a short distance, simply hop on a train along the way. Cycling along the Moselle is a pleasure: along the way, you will be tempted by quaint wine bars, some of which even offer non-alcoholic wines, and family-run cafés. A cappuccino and a large slice of home-baked apple pie will give you strength for your next adventure. If you want to spend several days on the road, you can cycle the entire Moselle cycle path - it runs for 300 km from Koblenz across the French border to Metz.
Cycling in and around Koblenz
Eine kurvenreiche Asphaltstrecke führt durch den Wald ©Gerold Hinzen