Closure of Promenadenweg
Permanent closure of the towpath and promenade path along the Rhine below the Pfaffendorf bridge from Weindorf to the castle steps
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Vom 12.07. bis 06.10.2024 laden vier Koblenzer Gastronomiebetriebe und eine Sektkellerei zu sommerlichen und frühherbstlichen Abenden an die Schlossstufen.
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Discover the Eifel

The diverse and beautiful region Eifel must belong in the listing of Germany's most beautiful regions. The ancient volcanic landscape enriches our present life with fantastic views, hiking trails, cycling routes and natural phenomena. Discover maars, castles, volcanic lakes and the world's only cold-water geyser-all just a stone's throw from Koblenz.

Sights in the Eifel
Geyser Andernach
Volcano park, maars, slate rock... these are all proof that this corner of Germany is of volcanic origin. This is particularly impressive when you visit the world's only cold-water geyser in Andernach. The geyser is located on the island of Namedyer Werth and can therefore only be reached by boat. Approximately every two hours, the water column shoots up to 60 meters high into the sky and amazes visitors. You can find out exactly what is behind it at the associated geyser center.
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Geysir Andernach hinterbeleuchtet von der Sonne mit beobachtenden Menschen im Vordergrund © GmbH, Klaus-Peter Kappes
Maria Laach
Lake Laach
Lake Laach has already been voted Rhineland-Palatinate's favorite lake several times. The popular lake is located in the middle of the volcanic Eifel, but it is neither a maar nor a crater lake, but a water-filled caldera. It is hard to imagine that a volcano was still active here over 10,000 years ago. Nowadays, the lake and its surrounding landscapes belong to Maria Laach Abbey and its idyllic setting invites visitors to linger.
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Castles in the Eifel

Fairytale castles and palaces are not only to be found on the Moselle, but also in the Eifel. In the immediate vicinity of Koblenz, for example, there are two very well preserved structures that you can still visit today: Genoveva Castle in Mayen and Bürresheim Castle behind Mayen. So both can be visited in one day!

Genoveva Castle Mayen
This building has had an eventful history. Built in 1280, the castle has been shot at and partially destroyed several times during wars, plundered and demolished for the extraction of building materials. But it has also been rebuilt just as often and so we see our Eiffel Tower again as part of the Genoveva Castle in Mayen. Every summer, the Mayen Castle Festival takes place in the castle courtyard. Plays such as "Beauty and the Beast" or "Carmen" are staged here in a magical atmosphere.
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Bürresheim Castle
An Eifel castle like in a fairy tale. It is actually a whole group of castles that belong together here. Over the centuries, the changing needs of the nobility gave rise to a beautiful castle complex that has been inhabited continuously since the Middle Ages. The interior of the castle is almost unchanged and you can really immerse yourself in the life of the Rhenish nobility from the 15th to the 20th century.
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Eltz Castle
If this sight looks somehow familiar, you are not mistaken. The pearl of the Moselle idyll, Eltz Castle, adorned the reverse of the 500 mark bill between 1961 and 1995. And a stamp was also issued at the end of the 1970s. This is hardly surprising, as Eltz Castle is so magically situated in the natural surroundings of the Eifel that you can't help but be amazed.
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Die Burg Eltz von vorne umgeben vom grünen Wald ©Rheinland-Pfaltz Tourismus GmbH, Dominik Ketz
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Germany's most beautiful regions are closer than you think! Discover the city on the Rhine, Moselle and Lahn easily by public transport. It has never been easier to explore the most beautiful places in the region, because you can get everywhere with the Germany map. Be surprised by the diversity of the region and the endless possibilities to recharge your batteries.
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Frau steht vor Schloss Stolzenfels und blickt auf einer Broschüre ©Ryne & Denise Cook
Holiday in the Eifel

A vacation in the Eifel is worthwhile in any case. There are countless activities for the whole family - hiking trails, cycling routes, volcano museums and much more. Hikers are in particularly good hands on the countless excellent hiking trails through the volcanic landscape of the Eifel.

Hiking in the Eifel
Dream path Eifel Tower Trail
"If you want to get to your destination, you can take the stagecoach. But if you want to travel properly, you should walk." What Rousseau already knew, we also gratefully accept today. The hiking trails in our region are true dream trails and bear their name with good reason. In the Eifel, they not only lead past maars from volcanic times long past, but also through blossoming rapeseed fields and picturesque villages.
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Hiking in the Eifel
Dream trails
There are other dream trails and dream paths in the Eifel. Each hiking trail invites you to enjoy adventurous and/or relaxed hiking. Discover caves, gorges, volcanic lakes, maars and much more on the hiking trails in the Eifel!
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Freundesgruppe steht am Zaun und lacht während eine auf etwas in der Entfernung zeigt ©Koblenz-Touristik GmbH, Philip Bruederle
Many thanks to our regional partners in the Eifel
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