Closure of Promenadenweg
Permanent closure of the towpath and promenade path along the Rhine below the Pfaffendorf bridge from Weindorf to the castle steps
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Vom 12.07. bis 06.10.2024 laden vier Koblenzer Gastronomiebetriebe und eine Sektkellerei zu sommerlichen und frühherbstlichen Abenden an die Schlossstufen.
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Die Marksburg sitzt auf einem Hügel über dem Rhein worauf Passagierschiffe fahren ©Dominik Ketz

Discover the Middle Rhine Valley

The Upper Middle Rhine Valley is undoubtedly one of Germany's most beautiful corners. Characterized by vine-covered steep slopes and impressive rocky outcrops with hilltop castles, the Middle Rhine Valley is still the epitome of Rhine romance today and ideal terrain for castle lovers. From Koblenz up the Rhine, you can get to know new walls every day: over 40 castles and fortifications tell of an eventful time on the Rhine. So it's no wonder that there's only one answer to the question "Why is it so beautiful on the Rhine?" sung over wine: "That's why it's so beautiful on the Rhine!"

UNESCO World Heritage: the Upper Middle Rhine Valley

The Upper Middle Rhine Valley is one of the most magnificent and oldest cultural landscapes in the whole of Europe and is considered the epitome of Rhine Romanticism. The great diversity and beauty of the Middle Rhine has also been recognized by UNESCO and the approximately 65-kilometre-long section between the old Roman city of Koblenz and the towns of Bingen and Rüdesheim was added to the list of World Heritage Sites in 2002.

The Upper Middle Rhine Valley
A landscape that is second to none
This section of the Rhine has always inspired painters, poets, thinkers and musicians. It is no wonder that the narrow Rhine valley through the Rhenish Slate Mountains with its architectural monuments, the settlements lined up along narrow banks like pearls on a string and its vine-covered slopes is unparalleled in Europe.
Luftaufnahme von der Burg Katz mit Loreleyfelsen im Hintergrund und der Rhein fließt durch ©Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH, Dominik Ketz
Sights Along the Rhine

Deutsches Eck with Emperor's Monument

The Deutsches Eck (German Corner) rises strikingly into the waters and forms the confluence of the Moselle and Rhine. The statue of Kaiser Wilhelm rises imposingly here. At 37 metres high, it was one of the most imposing bronze statues in Germany....
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Deutsches Eck Sonnenutergang


Gauge tower
Anyone who lives directly on the Rhine is no stranger to the concept of flooding. Measuring the water levels on the river has always been part of everyday life. This is also the case at the gauge tower in the dyke town of Neuwied. A measuring probe, which reacts to the changing water pressure, continuously sends the water levels to the municipal utilities. The dyke information center at the end of the Promenadenweg provides further interesting insights into the measuring work.
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Rhine bend
Boppard is at least as beautiful. The Rhine makes a loop here, which is of course best admired from above. A hike to Gedeonseck and Vierseenblick offers the most spectacular views. If you want to devote yourself entirely to Rhine wine, you can also do this extensively, as the Bopparder Hamm is not only known for its good wines, but also offers a wine nature trail.
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Mann blickt auf die Rheinschleife beim Sonnenaufgang ©Philip Bruederle
St. Goar / St. Goarshausen
The Loreley
Legend has it that the beautiful Loreley, with her long blonde hair, sat on this rock and distracted the Rhine boat captains with her enchanting song. They no longer paid attention to the dangerous currents and rocky reefs and wrecked their boats on the reefs. Today, the Loreley Rock is world-famous and continues to cast a spell over visitors.
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Loreleyfelsen mit einem Schiff auf dem Rhein im Vordergrund ©

Beginn des Obergermanisch-Raetischen Limes

The Upper Germanic-Raetian Limes (Latin: border path, border, border wall) began in Rheinbrohl near Bad Hönningen. From the end of the 1st to the middle of the 3rd century AD, it secured the land border between the Rhine and the Danube, separating...
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Wachturm Nr. 1 bei Rheinbrohl


Welcome on board!
Boat trip on the Rhine
Experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Upper Middle Rhine Valley" in a different, perhaps its most beautiful way and let the countless castles, palaces and fortresses on the banks of the Rhine glide past you.
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Passagierschiff Goethe angelegt am Rheinufer mit Festung Ehrenbreitstein im Hintergrund ©Koblenz-Touristik GmbH, Dominik Ketz
Castles & Palaces Along the Rhine

Around 40 castles, fortresses and fortifications can be found between Koblenz and Bingen. They bear witness to the strategic importance of the Rhine in earlier centuries and many of them can be visited with or without a castle tour.

Engers Castle
The beautiful baroque palace directly on the Rhine was built between 1759 and 1764 as a hunting, pleasure and summer palace for the Archbishop of Trier. Today, Engers Castle is home to the Villa Musica Academy and is a very popular location for weddings and photo shoots. A model of the Hall of Mirrors with ceiling frescoes by the famous Januarius Zick can be found at Festung Ehrenbreitstein and can be admired on the tour "On the trail of the fortress history".
Marksburg Castle
The only hilltop castle on the Middle Rhine that has never been destroyed is a must-see when visiting the Middle Rhine Valley. The majestic Marksburg towers high above the village of Braubach and offers a fantastic view from the valley. Anyone interested in the history of knights and castle life is sure to become a fan after a guided tour of the castle. Because here you can immerse yourself in a bygone era. Of course, it is also worth taking a look at the beautiful Middle Rhine Valley. Perhaps you will spot the next excursion destination on the horizon
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Weitblick auf die Marksburg beim Sonnenuntergang ©
Pfalzgrafenstein Castle
It is also known as the stone ship in the Rhine - the Pfalzgrafenstein customs castle near Kaub. Its ground plan is reminiscent of that of a ship and it has defied wind and weather, ice and waves since it was built in 1326. It has experienced many things on the Rhine - including the crossing of the Rhine by Field Marshal Blücher and his army during the wars of liberation against Napoleon. Although it is much more peaceful here today, the journey to the castle, which can only be made by small boat, is still a bit of an adventure.
Bingen Mouse Tower
According to legend, Archbishop Hatto II holed himself up here fleeing from mice because the hard-hearted man would not grant his impoverished people any help from his granary. You can imagine what the mice did to him there. However, it is more likely that the name comes from Old High German and refers to the history of the tower as part of the customs barrier system at Ehrenfels Castle. But whether legend or history - the Bingen Mouse Tower is definitely worth a visit!
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By train through the Upper Middle Rhine Valley

You have never seen so many castles on a single train journey. Trains run between Koblenz and Mainz several times a day. You can also travel comfortably from Frankfurt without changing trains on the RB 10. Just landed at the airport? You can also take the RE 2 from Frankfurt Airport's regional train station to Koblenz without changing trains. All routes take you past countless castles in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley and offer many opportunities to discover them - often even on foot from the platform!

Discover Germany's most beautiful corners by bus & train
Germany's most beautiful corners are closer than you think! Discover the city on the Rhine, Moselle and Lahn in comfort by public transport. It has never been easier to explore the most beautiful places in the region than it is today. Because with the Deutschlandticket you can get everywhere. Let yourself be surprised by the diversity of the region and the endless opportunities to recharge your batteries.
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Frau steht vor Schloss Stolzenfels und blickt auf einer Broschüre ©Ryne & Denise Cook
Holiday on the Romantic Rhine

The Upper Middle Rhine Valley is often referred to as the Romantic Rhine. This term refers to the Romantic art epoch of the late 18th and early 19th century. The influences of this period can still be seen today in the architecture of various historical buildings, which you can easily view from the cycle paths and hiking trails.

Rhine Cycling Route - from the Alps to the North Sea
Cycling on the Rhine
Cyclists experience one of Europe's largest rivers up close on the Rhine Cycle Route. From the Swiss Alps to the North Sea, the Rhine has always been the cultural and economic axis between the Alpine region and northern Europe. Discover the beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Upper Middle Rhine Valley" on the Rhine Cycle Route from Koblenz and enjoy the unique river landscape with its picturesque towns and villages on both banks of the Rhine.
Rennradfahrer auf dem Rheinradweg mit dem Rhein und der Marksburg im Hintergrund ©Ryne & Denise Cook
Hiking along the Rhine
This hiking trail winds along the Rhine for over 200 kilometers between Rolandsbogen and Bingen. As the name suggests, hikers on the RheinBurgenWeg will encounter beautiful views of the Rhine and countless castles, palaces and ruins: masterpieces of Rhenish architecture from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.
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 ©Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH
Hiking along the Rhine
The Rheinsteig is one of the most beautiful long-distance hiking trails in Europe. This is certainly due to the 320 varied kilometers with idyllic landscapes, forests, vineyards, meadows and castles, which invite ambitious long-distance hikers and short-distance hikers alike.
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Mann steht am Zaun über dem Rhein auf dem Rheinsteig Wanderweg ©Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH/D.Ketz
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